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Parrot OS + HackTheBox

After one year, we are proud to announce our partnership with HackTheBox, and our joint mission to innovate the cyber security industry.

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Parrot 4.8 Release Notes

Parrot 4.8 is here Parrot is based on Debian Testing, meaning that Parrot 4.8 includes all the updates that landed in the Debian testing repository between september 2019 and march 2020

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The Parrot Project needs your help

The Parrot Project needs your help! We need your help to going through our work. Giving such a complex service to millions of people all around the world requires a huge infrastructure; and, as you can imagine, ours cannot be self-hosted on a cheap VPS.

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Parrot 4.7 release notes

Parrot 4.7 development notes We are proud to announce the release of Parrot 4.7, which represents an important step forward for our project.

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