1. Why?

  • Your machine has no AMD / Nvidia graphic card, but you still want to use hashcat.
  • You want it more stable and faster than pre-installed driver (beignet)


  • Hashcat doesn't detect your devices (even if beignet was pre-installed) opencl

2. How?

  • Remove beignet:
sudo apt purge beignet
  • Download opencl_runtime_16.1.2_x64_rh_6.4.0.37.tgz from http://registrationcenter-download.intel.com/akdlm/irc_nas/12556/opencl_runtime_16.1.2_x64_rh_6.4.0.37.tgz. Currently, Intel opencl has github project with 18.X versions. All 18.X versions don't work for me, and 16.1.2 version is latest workable version I can find.
  • Extract downloaded file
tar -xvf opencl_runtime_16.1.2_x64_rh_6.4.0.37.tgz

Then run


If you have missing libraries in this step (screenshot bellow), you can exit installation and install libraries. If there is only lsb-core>=4.0 is missing, you can move to next step (it worked for me). - Accept their license, choose next and wait. opencl opencl - Hashcat now detect my devices (it shows error with beignet driver) opencl - Benchmark is not very fast (compare AMD / Nvidia devices) but it looks faster than beignet opencl

Written by dmknight

If you run into any issues please post in support on the forum.


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